Announcements from Google Marketing Live 2019 – How these will improve your PPC Campaigns!


Google Marketing Live has come and gone for 2019. With lots of big announcements and changes coming to the Google Ads platform, we have put together a list of how they will help shape future campaigns.  

Discovery ads

New Discovery ads will now be able to appear on mobile home pages as well as on the Gmail promotions tab and on YouTube’s home page. These ads could be very useful in 2019 with the growth of users using mobiles to browse. Broadening the scope of how we are able to reach them, will open up new methods for advertisers. With Discovery ads designed to appear to users who aren’t searching these products / or in our case education courses. This means we can advertise to wider potential audiences ahead of them searching with the right targeting.

Gallery ads

Gallery ads again designed for the mobile experience, are going to be the biggest new trend in Google advertising in 2019. Similar to Facebook and Instagram carousel ads; Gallery ads on mobile browsers will now show ads with not just the usual headline and display URL. But now with the option to add swipeable images alongside this. With mobile users scrolling faster than their computer counterparts, time is everything and a picture speaks 1,000 words. With the interactive element alongside this, these will become very popular types of ads coming up. Imagine you wanted to search for a live music course near you, what would be more effective scrolling past a text ad or an image of a student playing the guitar with lights illuminating him?

New Tools

The Audience expansion tool will also become available in 2019. For Digital Marketing agencies like ourselves, this will expand our audience reach. Being able to keep CPA’s the same but drive more conversions, it is a win for the clients and the agencies. Alongside this, new bidding controls will also create more customisation for precise bids. It’s these new features Google has announced that will help the precision of marketing strategies and campaigns.

Some more features which were mentioned which will become more dominant in 2019 are upgrades to the Google Ads mobile app, app deep linking, a new Google shopping experience and updates to their shopping ads. Feel free to contact us about PPC and Digital Marketing campaigns you might want to run in 2019. These new announcements from Google Marketing Live not to open the scope for agencies but will help improve your campaigns and results as a client.