Why Live Streaming Is An Essential Investment For Educational Institutions


Video content is top dog on the social media landscape, and it has been that way for a while.  Within the video format itself, there is a clear winner.  Live video is out-doing all other forms of video content, seeing a 113% yearly increase in ad growth.   Live streaming is, as the name suggests, a live video stream of content going directly to your followers.  For a university/college, this could feature a current student, a faculty representative or someone from the marketing team directly. 

Building a Community  

For any institution, interaction with prospective students is integral in order to build trust and boost awareness. With 16-24-year-olds spending more and more time on social media in their daily lives, the potential for engagement is also on the rise. Live streaming allows users to join swiftly and easily, whilst also offering the chance to directly interact with the institution. This personalises their experience, making them feel that they’re already a part of the ‘community’, as it were. 

For students who are undecided on which institution they want to attend, being able to see a day in the life of a current student may well help tip the balance. They will already feel familiar and comfortable with the campus, classes, and all-around pupil experience.

All of these can be promoted easily by using live video. This is especially beneficial for international students, and those unable to attend open day events, who may otherwise have not followed up their interest in the institution.

Above are examples of Edinburgh University live streaming their graduation event on Instagram. The screenshot on the left shows when they’re live, and on the right is when they’ve finished streaming – archiving it into their story so people can watch it later.

Benefits to Live Streaming

Live streaming has the potential to bring in a much wider range of audience than regular video. Instagram, for example, employs a new algorithm to give live streams priority when appearing in users news feeds.

Naturally, the higher your content is pushed up the list, the more likely it is to attract comments, likes, and views. The more this happens, the more your video will be suggested to other users, and this then produces a snowball effect to substantially increase the reach of your content.

Live Q&As are also proving to be an extremely attractive piece of content with potential students. Having someone respond personally to their concerns is an excellent way to ease them through the often difficult and stressful period of applying for university.

Students are more used to instant messaging for communication, and having queries answered in real time removes the awkward, impersonal feeling of e-mails and phone calls.

Live streaming is going to become an essential part of marketing within education. Harnessing this modern digital ability and using it as a valuable tool will ensure your university or college stands apart from the rest.

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