Top Tips For Open Days


Open days remain an integral part of the university selection process for many students. They want to make sure that they are investing their future with the right university, and it is up to you to convince them that your institution is the one for them. Here are our top tips on how to promote your open day online.


 When promoting open days, it’s important that you don’t leave it until the last minute. Students will be arranging and organising open day visits up and down the country and they will want to know all the details they need well in advance.

Nobody is going to bother travelling halfway across the UK on a weekend if they only find out about it the week before.

Spread those dates, and reap the rewards.

It’s also advised that, rather than limiting the number of open days to a few choice dates in summer, instead you open your institution up to potential students as often as possible. The fact is that the vast majority of students will not attend a university they have not already had a chance to visit.

Taking in the atmosphere and feel of the campus, accommodation, and city or town is of vital importance. Therefore, it’s recommended that you disperse as many dates throughout the year to ensure as many prospective students as possible are offered the opportunity to visit.


 When it comes to marketing open days to prospective students, knowing the right platform to launch your content is essential.

Some platforms, such as Facebook, have fallen out of favour with the 16-24 audiences. Instead, Instagram and Snapchat are now the prime spots for advertisement, due to their capability of hosting convenient and easily digested content.

Bitesize advertising is king.

This sort of video content is far more likely to engage with a young audience. Live streams, Q&As, and even complete campus tours can all be accomplished through Instagram stories.

Content such as this is doubly useful, as even if an interested student cannot attend any of your available open days, they can still get a feel for the campus.

Other platforms such as YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter, all offer extensive possibilities for paid promotional campaigns. Introducing different formats of video content across these platforms, with their defined targeting features, will ensure that the most relevant audience sees your video.


As you advertise across a variety of different platforms, ensuring that you are targeting the right audience is vital. By segmenting your audience across different channels, and spreading the investment of your budget accordingly, you can reach a wider audience.

There’s a broad range of ways to segment and target your audience; by undergraduate or postgraduate study, location, interests, age, and even by what schools or colleges they attend.

Another part of this process is to identify which channels are achieving the best return on your investment. Finding out which avenue produces the highest number of open day bookings can help you to determine where you focus your efforts in the future.

To find out more about how we can help achieve increased results from your open day recruitment campaigns, please get in touch.


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