Spotify – Why Your Education Institution Should Be Using It Already


Spotify stands tall and proud as the leading music streaming service worldwide. With 140m+ active users across 60+ countries, the platform has an extraordinarily broad reach, and it is still growing. The largest demographic on Spotify sits in the 15-24 age bracket, which is the ideal age for targeting potential students. Spotify, themselves, have also said that millennials are 94% more likely to be active on the platform compared to other users. Given this, Spotify is the ideal platform for trying to reach potential students.

So, what features does Spotify offer for advertising?


Like all social media platforms, Spotify collects a large range of data on its users viewing habits. From geography to time of day listening to playlists/genres – Spotify can offer a range of targeting options dependent on your need.

Playlists are an excellent example of how these targeting options can be put in to practice. You could, for instance, choose to target one of Spotify’s many study-related playlists during the height of the A-Level exam period. Any potential student could be exposed to your brand whilst they study, naturally hitting them when they’re at their most motivated and inspired.

These targeting strategies are divided into three categories; Audio, Video, and Display adverts. Institutions can implement their targeting strategies through these channels and make sure their brand is hitting the right audience through Spotify.


As a music streaming service, the audio adverts are relatively self-explanatory. Non-premium Spotify users are required to intermittently listen to advertisement breaks during their listening – much like on the radio. 

These can be targeted towards potential students to promote open days, clearing, or brand awareness. Spotify can determine which genre is most popular with 16-24-year-olds, for example, and at what times they are listening most. This might then be the perfect time and place for your college or university to advertise. 


Spotify takes a carrot-on-a-stick approach to incentivise users to watch video adverts on their platforms. Users can ‘unlock’ 30 minutes of ad-free listening by watching a video advert from a specific brand. These then have clickable display units built into them. Alternatively, brands can offer to ‘sponsor’ an ad-free listening session, and in doing so get their message across to the user. This is a feature more commonly seen in the mobile app version of the service.


Overlay adverts – aka the ones that pop up when the user first enters the platform – can provide a highly visual call-to-action, visible whenever a user returns to using the Spotify app. Additionally, the traditional options of banner adverts can be placed across all of Spotify’s platforms, from the desktop to tablets and smartphones. Whilst these display options are available across all the different platforms – they are often most effective when used on a desktop due to the extra space.

Spotify is the ideal location for education institutions – both due to its wide range of advertising options and its appeal to the target demographic.

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