Appealing to Potential Students – Why Native Content Campaigns Work


Every prospective student holds a different passion for something, be it film, history, or business. What brings them together is most tend to scratch their particular itch in some way, shape, or form on the Internet. This puts them in a position where they are more open to engaging with related adverts.

The goal is thus to appeal to them whilst they are immersing themselves in their interests. Hitting potential students in this way, when they are at their most inspired, is one of the best ways to encourage a connection with your brand.

Consider the Audience

When considering how most 18-year-olds browse the web, it’s safe to assume they will regard intrusive, unrelated advertising as white noise.

This is what your ‘Romantic Maldives Getaway For 2’ advert looks like to students.

It is necessary to be more intelligent when attempting to excite potential students about your institution. Engaging them with well-placed native content is a more insightful way to tap into their personal motivations.

Let us take, for example, a potential student who holds an interest in business. They are an ambitious, career-driven personality who dreams of nailing down a director role, or maybe even someday sitting in a CEO’s chair.

Part of their daily routine involves browsing the International Business Times website. They want to feel like they’re connected to the business world and building up their knowledge of the subject.

Then one day, lo and behold they spot an article–published by your university–detailing how your bachelor’s course in business helped catapult a graduate onto the career ladder.

Present the Fulfilment of Their Hopes

I want it, and I want it now.

Suddenly, the potential student quirks an eyebrow and wets their lips. They can see their dream unfolding right before their eyes. In their head, they’re picturing themselves as that graduate with the snazzy suit and sharp haircut.

Questions will begin to roll through their head, questions they didn’t even realise they wanted to ask. Which university is this? Where is it? What is this course like? All these questions will, of course, lead them straight to your website.

Reap the Rewards

This is the exact process that makes native content campaigns so worthwhile. Distributing your branded content on relevant, respectable publications will appeal to the passions and interests of potential students. This way, you inspire genuine engagement in a natural manner.

Applicable to almost every faculty or course, this is just one example of how native content marketing is employable.

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