Generation Z: What can I tell you, as a Gen Z-er?


The biggest benefit of working in education marketing is that I’m the target audience; I am from Generation Z! I can give valuable insights into all forms of social media my age group is using, and how best to target us.

These past few months, I’ve been researching my generation. These are some of the things I’ve picked up on.

8 Second Attention Span

Firstly, and maybe the most important, is our short attention span. It’s been said over and over, but it’s true. As Gen Z, we have filtering methods; notoriously good at breezing through overwhelming amounts of information and quickly assessing what is relevant. As marketers, it’s important to create content with this in mind! The most effective way to do this is to create ‘snackable content’. Snackable content is simply content or information that is quick and easy to digest.

Video and images are a great example of this and are extremely useful when engaging our generation. Snapchat has positioned itself to be the favourite within our age group and notably its a platform based entirely on communication via videos and images.

Digital Addicts 

Generation Z has grown up with technology and we are all self-confessed digital device addicts. Sometimes I try to recall a time before we had access to the Internet; that strange grey period of life before we were constantly connected. I find myself asking: “How did anyone cope?”

But, the important thing to take from this information is that Gen Z’ers are spending most – if not all – free time online. This will typically be on a mobile device. And, this is where you’ll find us!

Where am I spending my time?

So, where do I spend MY time online?

I would say it is split fairly evenly, flicking backwards and forwards between my three favourite platforms: Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.

Although I do use Facebook and Youtube, it’s less frequently. Marketers should be aware that everyone has their platform preferences. They need to ensure that content is spread across each one and updated often. This will give them a better chance of engaging Gen Z-ers.

It’s also more important than ever to stand out! Our feeds are full of information, adverts, and brands, so your content must be able to break through the noise and catch our attention. For me personally, I am more likely to engage with a new type of advert, for example, Snapchat Ads. Therefore, it’s important that education marketers shop around for new ideas on how to engage!

Higher Expectations

Generation Z is also famous for high expectations. In order to engage with our generation, education marketers need to be aware of these increased standards and ensure they live up to them. This means, as an advertiser, you must move with the times and stay up to date. Gen Z won’t give up that precious 8-second attention span easily – especially not to an advert that isn’t original, well thought out and concise. In other words, Generation Z is a lot harder to impress than those before us.

But, remember: once Gen Z’ers are impressed and invested in a brand, we remain loyal.

Gen Z now makes up the majority of children, teens and young adults in education. Our new attributes and ways of processing information have reshaped the marketing and advertising world – and will continue to do so in future. Techniques and methods used for the previous generation now won’t cut it, and getting left behind could be harmful to your institution.

By Arianna

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